The Meaning

Every we day we get up and prepare ourselves to take on the challenges before us that will contribute to our growth as individuals and as a community.  In every Pacific Island culture there is a war dance passed down from generation to generation to ready us for battle.  In Samoa, that war dance is called Sivatau - a passionate display of chants, dance, and threatening glances that inspires and energizes all those who participate while promising our opponents that we aim to dominate, entertain, and will go to any length necessary to arrive at victory.  Sivatau Co. brings that war dance to every part of life through our products which aim to both represent and embrace all Pacific Island cultures and the people who love them.    

Though the Pacific Islands may be small, our people are fierce. We come from cultures that are united by the same values of love, family, respect, and discipline. We work hard and play harder, train relentlessly and perform with pride. 

Through our athletic and casual apparel, Sivatau reflects the Warrior Spirit of Pacific Islanders and gives strength and courage to its wearers.  Yet, Sivatau is much more than just an athletic brand.  It's a statement.

It's a statement about the power and the pride of all Polynesians who perform in arenas across the world, both on and off the field.  It's a message about communitylove, and respect for each other, for where we come from, and for all we bring with us in making our mark in the world.

No matter how small our Islands are, our people are out in the world fighting battles by setting goals and reaching them, making positive changes, becoming leaders, graduating with honors, starting businesses, and dominating the athletic world.  

The world is OUR battle field.  Sivatau is OUR battle cry.
Wear your Sivatau with pride.